Crisis prevention: our tailor-made solutions

Crisis prevention makes it possible to limit the damage caused by whatever emergency situation. A storm warning? Air pollution threatens to exceed its threshold? Thanks to the crisis communication tool you can send a warning to people concerned immediately. Below are a few examples of our communication solutions for different crisis prevention situations.

Pollution alert

Is pollution threatening to exceed its threshold? Don’t wait until the crisis occurs before alerting your contacts. Take the applicable security measures and send a message alert to the persons concerned immediately. To facilitate matters, the crisis communication tool offers the possibility to create a message alert template. Precious minutes gained to avert the crisis. Learn more about the other crisis communication tool functions.


Chemical alarm

Whenever there is a chemical alarm, every second counts for saving lives. Take the appropriate safety measures and send a message alert to the persons concerned immediately. Pass on the safety regulations that are to be followed without overloading the emergency line. Once the danger is over, you can send the population a message notifying them that the alarm phase has ended.

Demonstrations and public events

Organising a demonstration or a public event implies informing everyone involved in time wherever they live. A simple SMS notification can eliminate any annoying situations that might arise from the event !

There are numerous other situations where the use of the crisis communication tool is appropriate. If you feel our solutions are of interest to you or would like more information on crisis prevention contact us right away! Our experts in crisis communication will gladly answer all your questions!

Gaetan Smets - Head of B2B Marketing Ethias

Head of B2B Marketing Ethias

“The system developed by Ethiashet Koninklijk Meteorologisch Instituut and our partner RingRing makes it possible to warn all our insured people that bad weather conditions are arising and that they could create damage. Thanks to this innovative automated sms-notification and prevention Ethias reduced the number of people affected by damages due to bad weather conditions.

– Gaëtan Smets, Head of B2B Marketing –

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