Optimise your company crisis communication

You are naturally fully aware of how important fast and efficient crisis communication is for a company. Perhaps you come up against a network failure? Or one of your buildings has become inaccessible? Win precious time and warn the employees and staff concerned !

Relocation to other buildings

A site or building has become inaccessible ? Send a warning to your employees so that no time is wasted setting them to work somewhere else. The crisis communication tool even allows you to send alerts via SMS.  Result: you optimise your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Reminders and notifications

Do you wish to remind your employees about fire drills, special events, … ? Here too the crisis communication tool offers a handy solution! To gain time and to prevent any oversights, you can programme your messages in such a way that they are sent automatically. Find out about the other functions of the  crisis communication tool !

IT alerts

A problem with your IT infrastructure ? Or perhaps a network or server failure? Notify those involved immediately: send an alert via SMS, voice message or e-mail. To ensure matters run smoothly, you can give your IT department user access. In this way, the IT team can send a message directly to the persons involved.

Mobilisation of your teams

Thanks to the crisis communication tool you can mobilise the teams and departments in your company in an effective manner. It takes just a few seconds to send them a message via SMS. Additional plus point: you can create several contact lists for an effective management of your company’s internal communication.

Management of expatriates

Are you responsible for the management of the expatriates connected with your organisation? Then you certainly know how important fast communication is. With the crisis communication tool you can send SMS alerts right away to your list of contacts abroad. Naturally, you want to be sure that everyone has received the message safely. Request confirmation and the crisis communication tool will immediately advise of those still pending !

Philippe Poncelet - QBE Re

“In the framework of our Business Continuity Plan, at QBE Re we were looking for a fast and efficient online application for sending SMS messages to all our personnel in the event of an emergency or an emergency exercise. RingRing’s Crisis Communication Center came up with the solution. We are extremely satisfied with this application as well as the RingRing team’s professional approach to the matter.”

– Philippe Poncelet – Processes & Operational Risk Management & Business Continuity Manager – QBERE.com

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