Alert to the population: communicate immediately

A crisis situation on your hands? Thanks to the crisis communication tool you can send alerts via SMS and in real time to warn your contacts. As soon as the alarm is raised, every second counts and can save lives.  Moreover, the crisis communication tool allows you to receive an acknowledgement of receipt and request a reply from your contact. Applications that can prove their worth in a crisis !

Call for the mobilisation of the population

As humanitarian organisation or charity association you have to be able to react immediately to emergency situations. Thanks to the crisis communication tool you’re able to launch an appeal for solidarity – Alert to the population in just a few seconds. A shortage of blood? A crisis that demands urgent emergency aid? Launch an appeal to the population asking them to mobilise as soon as they can.

“In collaboration with Ring Ring, we send SMS notifications to our blood donors coming from the blood donors database in order to remind them the date of their appointment to give their blood.”

– Nele de Vos, Manager Donor Relations – Red Cross Flanders (Rode Kruis / La Croix Rouge)

Volunteers needed ?

A crisis arises and your association or institution lays down an emergency intervention? Not a second to lose: launch an appeal among the volunteers and bring them up-to-date on the emergency situation. By communicating straight away with your teams you gain valuable time and contribute to the effective tackling of the emergency situation.

Meteo alerts

Strong winds, storms, flooding, … freak weather conditions can cause untold damage. Crisis prevention starts with fast and efficient communication. With the crisis communication tool you can send out weather warnings en masse as soon as the forecast appears threatening. Not only do you gain valuable time but you limit the possible damage.

Thanks to the solution that we were able to implement together with RingRing and Ethias we are able to proactively alert municipalities via SMS in the event of dangerous or critical weather conditions.”

– Marc Christiaens, Business Unit Manager (KMI / IRM)

Alerting schools

Are there changes on the way that could undermine the organisation of your teaching institute? In a school environment fast and effective communication can also avert quite a few crisis situations. As head teacher or the person in charge you can alert parents, students and teachers immediately via SMS !

There are so many possible crisis situations demanding the sending of alerts en masse at a moment’s notice. If you would like to know more about what the crisis communication tool can do for your institution, company or association contact us! Our experts will be only too glad to answer all your questions.

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