Functions of the crisis communication tool 

The crisis communication tool gathers together numerous practical functions in an intuitive interface. From sending alerts via SMS to the management of the users, the tool offers a fast and effective solution for crisis management of crises and emergency plans. Would like to know more about the various functions of the crisis communication tool? Contact us !

Crisis Communication Center Cloud Solution

Enjoy the advantages of cloud computing

The crisis communication tool is based on cloud computing which has a wealth of advantages for the user. For instance, the possibility of sending alerts over the whole world, wherever you might find yourself. Moreover, there is no need for you to install any specific soft- or hardware. This leads to significant savings that can only be beneficial to your Return On Investment. Just some the many advantages cloud computing offers !

Send SMS, Voice and E-Mail alerts

In the event of an emergency an SMS, Voice or E-Mail notifications are obviously the most effective way to reach your contacts immediately. In no time at all you can send an SMS, Voice or E-Mail alert to your whole address base. They receive your alert in real time and read it right away. Result: thanks to your SMS, Voice or E-Mail alert those concerned can react without losing any time at all !

Creating alerts in just a few seconds

An emergency? Create an alert in just a few seconds. Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface the crisis communication tool is absolute child’s play. Result: you save valuable time and you’re able to alert your contacts without wasting a moment. You’d like to see for yourself how simple the crisis communication tool is ? Watch the demo film !

Delegate to sub-accounts

Do you use the crisis communication tool in a company or organisation that is divided up into departments or teams? Delegate a section of your contact lists to the team or department concerned by creating a specific sub-account !

For example. Your company wants to delegate the management of groups of contacts to each department. You simply create a sub-account per department so that each of them can immediately approach the list of contacts assigned to them. Managing your contacts has never been so simple !

Pre-configured alert

With the crisis communication tool you can pre-configure SMS alerts. To facilitate usage even more, you have at your disposal templates with alert messages. All that remains for you to do is to programme their automatic distribution. It goes without saying that you can send these alerts from your own mobile phone, a smartphone, tablet or PC.

User administration

As administrator of your account on the crisis communication tool, you have the choice of creating as many users as you wish. Naturally, you can extend or limit the rights of use depending on the users.  According to the rights of use you allocate, the users can create and generate alerts. The users also receive notification whenever an alert is created.

Send alerts from your mobile phone

An APP suffices to generate alerts to your contact lists. In fact, what could be simpler and faster than an APP? Another benefit, and by no means insignificant : you are mobile and do not need to be in the danger zone to send the messages. Something that will come in very handy should you be faced with an emergency situation !

Management of contacts

The crisis communication tool is extremely effective for the management of large contacts’ lists. There are three ways to register your contacts in the database: by importing your contact list, creating a list manually or opting for web integration. Is your contact list particularly long? No problem. The tool allows you to create an unlimited number of contact groups. And that’s not all: every contact can be linked to different groups which further facilitates the management of your contact groups !


With our APIs you can use all the Crisis Communication Centre’s functions from your own IT systems. You can also keep the database of contacts and groups as well as users up-to-date. You also have the possibility to generate alerts and notification messages.

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